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Rent BMW 730li 2022

AED 850.00 / Day
Baggage :
Door :
Gear Shift :
Passenger :

Rent BMW 735i 2023

AED 1,550.00 / Day
Baggage :
Door :
Gear Shift :
Passenger :
Baggage :
Gear Shift :
Passenger :
Door :

Rent BMW M3 Competition 2022

AED 1,750.00 / Day
Baggage :
Door :
Gear Shift :
Passenger :

Rent BMW M4 Convertible 2022

AED 1,600.00 / Day
Baggage :
Gear Shift :
Door :
Passenger :

Rent BMW M850i Convertible

AED 1,000.00 / Day
Door :
Gear Shift :
Baggage :
Passenger :

BMW Car Rental

A BMW is the perfect choice for those people who are looking for luxury and style in a car. BMW has an impressive range of sedans, coupes, hatchbacks and SUVs. BMW car rental models are designed to give you a luxurious presence on the roads. The distinctive features of BMW are enough to get an amazing look. Moreover, the latest technology also offers convenience to the passengers for a fun ride. BMW has reliable and dynamic engines that are known for their efficient performance. The reliable interiors offer comfortable seating while giving it a plush and refined look. BMW rental Dubai is best for a tour as it provides sufficient space that is allocated for carrying luggage through flexible seating arrangement.

Why Would You Rent a BMW In Dubai?

Dubai is known for its luxurious lifestyle and millionaires. So, to be a part of them, you must have the luxury rental BMW in Dubai to be among them and show yourself wealthy.

Stylish and Luxury

BMW has its own classy style, which is different from any other car brand. Its interior is spacious, with leather seats to provide a comfortable ride for riders, while the exterior has attractive design.

 Reliability and Comfort

BMW features to ensure their customer safety while driving, BMW is famous because it is the first choice when renting a rental car in dubai. These cars are manufactured with high quality material.


MWs have unique capability and are available with a variety of features that are perfect to drive on the roads of Dubai. They will take you from 0 to 100 km/h in just a few seconds. It assumes less fuel.

High- Quality

BMW offers a high-quality appearance. BMW provides beautifully designed exteriors without skimping on quality.

Exploring Features of BMW Car

BMW is a luxury car brand famous for its advanced style and performance. Its main features are below


BMW is famous for its high performance. The BMW engine has impressive acceleration and top speeds.


BMW is well recognized in automotive technology, featuring cutting-edge features like advanced adaptive cruise control, driver-assistance systems and infotainment systems with large touch screen and voice control.


BMW prefers safety, and many of its models have safety high class features such as automatic emergency braking and collision warning.


BMW cars offer smooth handling and comfortable steering.


BMW is one of the luxurious brands which is available in Dubai. Visitors prefer BMW for their stay in Dubai.

Rent a BMW in Dubai With HMZ Car Rental

BMW is one of the most expensive luxury cars. It is not affordable for everyone to keep personal, so people rent BMWs to show themselves wealthy. if someone want BMW on rent contact HMZ Rental luxury cars

Types of BMW in Dubai


HMZ offers BMW M4 in Dubai, the M4 Competition is powered by a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six engine that produces an impressive 425 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque. If you are looking to take on the open road, the BMW M4 Competition delivers an unforgettable driving experience.

BMW 735I

If you are looking for a luxurious BMW to rent in Dubai, Look no better than BMW 735i. This stylish car is the perfect way to travel in style and comfort, with its powerful engine and spacious interior.


If you are looking to rent a BMW in Dubai, there is no better option than the BMW 840i Gran Coupe. This luxurious car is for those looking to make a statement while driving around Dubai. With its comfortable exterior and comfortable interior.


If you are looking to get a BMW 7 Series in Dubai. Look. HMZ has the latest models from BMW available for rent so you can choose the perfect according to your needs.


If you Looking for a car that will take your lifestyle to the next level, 5 Series BMWs can easily handle any city riding and shopping needs.

Why Should You Rent a BMW from HMZ?

HMZ provides services without compromising the luxury of our clients. Being the top car rental company in Dubai, our company puts a lot of emphasis on the preferences of customers. We offer the best response in terms of services.

HMZ has top-class services that come with BMW rental:

Chauffeur Services

All HMZ drivers have a perfect driving record for your safety. Our cars are well-maintained and clean. Our chauffeur is professional.

24/7 Customer Support

Everyone in HMZ is always available for customer support.

Free pick and Drop

HMZ t preferring the clients over anything, we offer free pickup and delivery all over Dubai to maximize traveling convenience.

How Can We Rent a BMW in Dubai?

At HMZ, we give BMWs to rent in Dubai. As a company known for our service, we pride ourselves on offering the fair able price for all our BMW. We do not take any extra fees for our services.

Explore Dubai With BMW Car Rental in Dubai

HMZ provides quality BMW rental services in Dubai, allowing customers to rent their favorite luxury car models at competitive rates. In less than 5 minutes, select the BMW, Discover the most cutting-edge and expensive BMW models of your own will at incredibly low prices.

We provide free delivery to your door all over Dubai. HMZ facilitates their customers with better services. Our company  helps customers by giving accurate information about luxury BMW rental cars. With luxury features BMW rental cars you can explore the charmless and luxuriousness of Dubai.