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Rent BMW 730li 2022

AED 850.00 / Day
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Business Class Cars

Business class cars are luxury vehicles that provide a high level of comfort and style. They are   more expensive and luxurious than regular cars. As we know that lifestyle of Dubai is luxury so these cars are available for rent in Dubai

Business class rent a car in Dubai is a comfortable and joyful experience for those people who visit Dubai.

Brands available at HMZ in Business class cars in Dubai

  • Audi business class car
  • BMW business class car
  • Bentley business class car
  • Mercedes Benz business class car
  • Lamborghini business class car

Locations for Business Class Cars at HMZ in Dubai

Our business class rent a car Dubai are available at different locations, these locations include

  •  AL AIN
  •  DUBAI
  •  AJMAN

Services of Business class cars at HMZ Dubai

HMZ offers below services for rent a car business in Dubai.

  • Monthly
  • Weekly
  • Daily
  • Car with Driver

Features of rental Lamborghini in Dubai


Rent a car business in Dubai grants you access to the outline of quality within the automotive industry. Driving one of these exceptional luxury business class cars is a captivating experience in itself. With impeccable engineering, technology, and unparalleled performance, business class cars guarantee a powerful driving experience on any road in Dubai.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Business class rent a car Dubai continuously pushes the boundaries of innovation. Choosing a business class car means gaining access to superior comfort, luxury, state-of-the-art technology, and powerful engine performance.


Business class rent a car Dubai possess high class quality therefore it is comfortable for visitors and perfect choice for visitors in Dubai.

Why Choose HMZ for Business Class Cars in Dubai?

Fulfilling the dream of driving a business class car is our main goal.  At HMZ. We make it easy by rent a car business Dubai. With our exceptional service, you can self-drive a rental business class car on Dubai’s beautiful roads and create memories for the whole.

A business class rent a car Dubai is the perfect choice for those seeking a luxurious and unforgettable driving experience at HMZ. This car leaves a lasting impression and stands on customers. Whether you are visiting for business or leisure, renting this car allows you to immerse yourself in the high life.

At HMZ, we offer business class cars to enjoy your tour in Dubai. We provide a platform that showcases the top business class cars brands available for reliability of visitors in Dubai. Choose HMZ Luxury Car Rental for an exceptional business car experience in Dubai, where luxury, performance, and unparalleled service converge.

Business class car Deal and Offers

Discover unbeatable deals and offers on business class rent a car Dubai at HMZ in Dubai. Experience the joy of driving a business class car at an unexpectedly competitive price. Take advantage of our wide range of rental rates and select the one that suits your needs. As a bonus, we present enticing discounts exclusively for our valued customers. We guarantee the most competitive rates for business class rent a cars Dubai. Leave us your requirements or simply request a convenient call back, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Why Rent a business class car with us?

If you’re looking to book a reliable business class rent a car Dubai from a trusted company, you have come to the right place at HMZ luxury car rental in Dubai. It provides an extraordinary opportunity to satisfy the height of luxury car experiences.

At HMZ luxury car rental, we proudly offer a diverse selection of business class car   models to cater to all preferences. Our fleet of business cars is meticulously maintained to ensure that each vehicle delivers outstanding performance.

Essential Tips to Rent business class car in Dubai

  • Inspect the rented vehicle for any imperfections and notify the company immediately to avoid being held responsible later.
  • Review the insurance coverage offered by rental agencies in Dubai. Choose HMZ for comprehensive insurance packages.

Experience the comfort of driving a business class rent a car Dubai from HMZ.